We breath technology

R2R engineering was founded 20 years ago by Richard Schaper. From the start, R2R has focused on product development, fine mechanical engineering and robots.

You can find our customers in the business world, as well in the leisure industry. From the TKH group to Viktor&Rolf. With innovation as common denominator.

Our team consists of engineers with a passion for technology. Multidisciplinary with a focus on Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Embedded Software and Hardware.


What characterizes us as company:

Informal, Open, Flexible,, Act quickly , Frontline, Start-up mentality, Helicopter view, Innovation, Solution-oriented, Network, Commitment

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What sets R2R apart from large engineering firms:

Flexible: We can immediately release capacity within our own development and pick up your question. No obligations.

Start-up mentality: Commitment and fast switching

Expertise: 20 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics embedded hardware and software.

We aim for 100% satisfied customers.

Thank you for your interest! Questions? Call or email us.