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From advice to rapid development of high-tech, robotic and mechatronic systems

Every day we assist our customers with critical counterbalance, in order to get from idea to the production of high-tech systems quickly and pragmatically.

Our expertise lies within these frameworks:

Innovation partner
• Mechatronics
• Value engineering & DFX
• Robotica
• Electrotechnical measuring and control technology
• Embedded software
• Integral data technology systems
• Product development


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From R2R you can expect:


Assessment of high-tech system integrations and interfacing between different systems.

• Independent advice
• Transcending view
• Creative substitutes
• Second opinion Vendors
• Integral systems


Scale up in projects with expertise and speed, using high-tech consultants

• Mechanical engineering
• Mechatronic engineering
• Embedded software
• Process engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Industrial automation


Quickly from idea to prototype. This is possible at our LAB with specialists, which feels like your own R&D department

• Research & Development
• Prototyping
• Testing
• Debugging
• Production 0 series

Customers come to us for this

Provide independent and vendor-transcending advice


"Due to our corporate structure, we are 'stuck' to regular suppliers, each with our own expertise. Problems are solved by this regulation with techniques known to the supplier and remain within the already known periphery. Because of this culture, the best solution will not always be found for certain problems. "

Mechanize our sensor data input


"We want to automate the optical assessment of batch samples. Now this process is tested by people for, for example, mass or density. We want to develop an integrated sensor / vision system, with which we can automate these assessments and ultimately improve and record our process continuously with these measurement data."

Upgrade our product and manage the project


"We have a business case that our current product does not meet. We want you to think along about the concept, the technical possibilities and that you take care of the development of the product. We do not have capacity ourselves and would like you to take care of the project management. From idea to design and from production to launch."

We take care of all these customer questions with the entire product for guidance up to and including the going live. During this process, we take into account the concept, cost-reducing issues, manufacturability, system integration and adjustment. In combination with the Agile approach, the goal is a great finished product on time and deliver within budget.

An example in practice

Parking sensors for Interparking Scheveningen


– Briefing

Park Assist was looking for new LED indicators for integration on existing sensors for Interparking Scheveningen.

Artboard 6 copy 2-100

1. Concept development

We developed four concept layouts in consultation with the customer. This takes into account the position and whether or not necessary integration with the lighting system.

Park Assist

2. Prototype Research & Development (R&D)

The R&D phase started with a volume study, after which the choice for the final design was determined in consultation with the customer. The prototype –including PCB design– was developed and built in collaboration with our external electronics expert. It was ensured that energy consumption was minimized and the indicators, housing and electronics were tested.

Artboard 5-100

3. Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

housing further developed for injection molding and the production of the molds is supervised. The electronic design of the LED indicator is digitally recorded.


4. Project management | Production & Installation

We supervised the process from purchasing to supporting production and installation. During the collaboration with five closely involved parties, challenges that emerged from our project management were addressed and directed.

Delivered within the set time and budget, we can proudly speak of a state of the art parking system for Interparking Scheveningen.




  • “We have used R2R consistently over the last 5 years, to help us augment our hardware products. R2R have demonstrated strong design capabilities whilst delivering great end products on time and on budget. R2R remain one of our key engineering partners.”

  • "We had many disruptions with our animatronic robot. R2R has made a razor-sharp analysis and re-engineered a number of crucial design errors. It is a great company to work with. They radiate tranquility and knowledge."

  • “R2R has actively participated in the integration of 2 technologies within our TKH group: the unique parking garage LED lighting and the camera-based parking management system. They thought further than our question and thus added their own ideas to the technical engineering solutions. As a result, increasingly better and more complete solutions have been created for the unique combined LED, surveillance, guidance and management solution for the parking garage market.”

  • "Working with R2R has been very pleasant for years. They have a broad knowledge of the latest technical developments. Being able to think along at a high level about materialization, construction and production. Are fast, structured and innovative. An added value for my design practice."



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